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Honda EG series Generators are designed with features that make them ideal for any size construction job. Wheel Barrow style handles and wheels for easy transport. A sky hook to facilitate crane transport. GFCI controllers to meet OSHA standards. Large fuel tanks for extended run times. Auto throttle for fuel economy on jobs with interval usage. Large, low tone mufflers for quiet operation. Easy to service air filters for quick on site maintenance. Oil drain ports that make regular service a snap. HondaLawnParts.com stocks Genuine Honda Parts to repair and service your Honda generator and keep it running in top condition.

 EB3500X    A    JPN    GX240    BA    EA6    3000001    3100000    GC04    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB3500XK1    AG/A    JPN    GX240K1    EY3    EA6    3100001    3114939    GC04    3000001    3945545  
 EB3500XK1    AG/B    JPN    GX240K1    EY32    EA6    3114940    3159999    GC04    3945546    4399999  
 EB3500XK1    AG/C    JPN    GX240K1    EY32    EA6    3160001    3999999    GC04    4400001    9999999  
 EB3800X    A    CHN    EB3800X    A    EAJC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB3800X    AC    CHN    EB3800X    AC    EAJC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB3800X    AN    CHN    EB3800X    AN    EAJC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB4000    A    JPN    GE400    BA          GE400    1000001    SUBSEQUENT