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The Honda EB5000 and EB6500 Generators have been sights on construction jobs for years. Their reliability, portability and low cost of operation have won the hearts of contractors and homeowners around the country. Easy maintenance, fuel economy, and rock solid dependability have set the industry standard. Even when neglected the Oil Alert low oil sensor does its job to keep the engine safe from failure. Change the oil, service the air filter and spark plug, have generator load tested and speed calibrated regularly and it is not uncommon to have thousands of hours of service from these units. HondaLawnParts.com sell Genuine Honda Parts to help maintain or repair your Honda Generator.


 EB5000I    A    JPN    GX340K1    EU2    EALJ    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000X    A    JPN    GX340    BA    EA7    3000001    3100000    GC05    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK1    AG/A    JPN    GX340K1    EY3    EA7    3100001    3113257    GC05    2000001    3163573  
 EB5000XK1    AG/B    JPN    GX340K1    EY32    EA7    3113258    3179999    GC05    3163574    3599999  
 EB5000XK1    AG/C    JPN    GX340K1    EY32    EA7    3180001    3999999    GC05    3600001    9999999  
 EB5000XK2    A    CHN    EB5000XK2    A    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK2    AC    CHN    EB5000XK2    AC    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK2    ACH    CHN    EB5000XK2    ACH    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAEH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK2    AH    CHN    EB5000XK2    AH    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAEH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK2    AN    CHN    EB5000XK2    AN    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB5000XK2    ANH    CHN    EB5000XK2    ANH    EAKC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAEH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500SX    A    JPN    GX390K1    BA    EZCH    1000001    1049999    GCAA    2000001    3399999  
 EB6500SX    A/A    JPN    GX390K1    BA    EZCH    1050001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAA    3400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    A    CHN    EB6500X    A    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAA    3400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    AC    CHN    EB6500X    AC    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAA    3400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    ACH    CHN    EB6500X    ACH    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAFH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    AH    CHN    EB6500X    AH    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAFH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    AN    CHN    EB6500X    AN    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAA    3400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    ANH    CHN    EB6500X    ANH    EALC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAFH    1    SUBSEQUENT  
 EB6500X    AT    CHN    EB6500X    AT    EALC    1000001    9999999    GCAET    1000001    9999999  
 EB7000I    A    JPN    GX390K1    EU3    EAKJ    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCAA    3400001    SUBSEQUENT