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HondaLawnParts.com stocks genuine Honda OEM parts for your EG series HONDA generator.
The EG3500, EG4000, EG5000 and EG6500 all offer either 120v or 240v power selection. Honda includes a voltage selector switch that can be used to select ONLY 120v power. This provides the full generator capacity in 120V. This is hugely beneficial when attempting to start a reactive load such as an air compressor, large saw or a standard electric motor. If 240v power is needed the operator simply flips the switch back to the 120/240V position and 240v power is available for loads like a submersible well pump, a hot water heater etc.
Honda Lawn Parts is your source for OEM service parts to properly maintain and repair your Honda EG series generator.

Below is a list of EG3500, EG4000, EG5000 and EG6500 Generator model and type numbers:

 EG3500X    A    JPN    GX240    CA    EA6    4000001    4100000    GC04    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG3500X    AR    JPN    GX240    CA    EA6    4000001    4100000    GC04    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG3500XK1    A/A    JPN    GX240K1    EY5    EA6    4100001    4119668    GC04    3000001    3945545  
 EG3500XK1    A/B    JPN    GX240K1    EY52    EA6    4119669    4149999    GC04    3945546    4399999  
 EG3500XK1    A/C    JPN    GX240K1    EY52    EA6    4150001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG3500XK1    AC    JPN    GX240K1    EU8    EA6    4150001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG3500XK1    AN    JPN    GX240K1    ED6    EA6    4150001    SUBSEQUENT    GC04    4400001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG4000CL    AT    CHN    GX270T2    ED3    EBGC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCBHT    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000CL    AT    CHN    GX390T2    ED3    EBEC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCBDT    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000X    A    JPN    GX340    CA    EA7    4000001    4100000    GC05    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000X    AR    JPN    GX340    CA    EA7    4000001    4100000    GC05    1000001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000XK1    A/A    JPN    GX340K1    EY6    EA7    4100001    4117432    GC05    2000001    3163573  
 EG5000XK1    A/B    JPN    GX340K1    EY62    EA7    4117433    4139999    GC05    3163574    3599999  
 EG5000XK1    A/C    JPN    GX340K1    EY62    EA7    4140001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000XK1    AC    JPN    GX340K1    EE4    EA7    4140001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG5000XK1    AN    JPN    GX340K1    ES4    EA7    4140001    SUBSEQUENT    GC05    3600001    SUBSEQUENT  
 EG6500CL    AT    CHN    GX390T2    ED3    EBBC    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GCBDT    1000001    SUBSEQUENT