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Honda EX3300 Parts                        Honda EX4500 Parts

honda ex5500 parts

Honda EX5500 Parts

Honda EX series Generators set the standard for Super Quiet Operation and Noise reduction in compact portable generators. Mounted in enclosed and insulated housings the EX units assured quiet operation and made maintenance easy with accessible service openings. Remote control was also optional on most models.

HondaLawnParts.com has Factory OEM Genuine Honda parts available for your Honda EX Super Quiet Generators. Always use Genuine Honda Parts to maintain and repair your Honda Generator. Honda Original Parts are designed to exact tolerance and are of the highest quality to maintain the performance and long life that make Honda Generators Legendary.

 EX3300S   A   JPN   GX240   EY2   EB2   1000001   1099999   GC04   1000001   1528199  
 EX3300SK1   A   JPN   GX240K1   EY9   EB2   1100001   1102329   GC04   3000001   3945545  
 EX3300SK1   A/A   JPN   GX240K1   EY92   EB2   1102330   1109999   GC04   3945546   4399999  
 EX3300SK1   A/B   JPN   GX240K1   EY92   EB2   1110001   SUBSEQUENT   GC04   4400001   SUBSEQUENT  
 EX4500S   A   JPN   GX340   EY2   EB3   1000001   1099999   GC05   1000001   1469766  
 EX4500SK1   A   JPN   GX340K1   ED3   EB3   1100001   1104211   GC05   2000001   3163573  
 EX4500SK1   A/A   JPN   GX340K1   ED32   EB3   1104212   1119999   GC05   3163574   3599999  
 EX4500SK1   A/B   JPN   GX340K1   ED32   EB3   1120001   SUBSEQUENT   GC05   3600001   SUBSEQUENT  
 EX5500   A   JPN   GX360K1   EX   GX360   1000001   1017635   GX360   1000001   1017635  
 EX5500K1   A/A   JPN   GX360K1   EX   EA1   1000001   1072383   GA01   1100001   1159999  
 EX5500K1   A/B   JPN   GX360K1   EX2   EA1   1072384   1099999   GA01   1100001   1159999  
 EX5500K2   A/A   JPN   GX360K1   EX2   EA1   1100001   1100100   GA01   1100001   1159999  
 EX5500K2   A/B   JPN   GX360K1   EX22   EA1   1100101   1159999   GA01   1100001   1159999  
 EX5500K2   A/C   JPN   GX360K1   EX22   EA1   1160001   SUBSEQUENT   GA01   1400001   SUBSEQUENT