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Honda HR21 / HR214 / HR215 / HR216 Lawn Mower Parts Look Up Diagrams
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Model/Serial Number Information

Honda HR21 HR214 HR215 HR216 Lawn Mower Parts

Honda lawnmowers are recognized by the industry for their incredible engineering, reliability and durability. Despite the engineering and due to constant wear and tear, the Honda HR Series will need to have parts replaced or to be repaired occasionally. Without the proper and specified maintenance, performance can be compromised.

You don’t necessarily need an engineer or mechanic to work with a Honda lawnmower. Honda lawnmowers are well labeled, ensuring that machine information is easily accessible.  The information can be found either in the manual or right on the unit. Model number, serial number, tag locations and model types can be found directly on the equipment. This makes finding the exact part needed a fairly simple task.

It’s in the Details

How to read the model type information on your lawnmower: The series number consists of two to three letters, as well as two to three numbers. HR21, HR214, HR215, HR216 and so on.

Model Type: The model number identifies different products. The type refers to the unit’s specific grouping: stand behind, push mower or riding mower, gas or electric, the differences in the way they cut grass. The model type will help provide design, size and engineering specifications, streamlining how to maintain it and replace parts.
• First letter: S – Self-propelled (gear drive); H – Self-propelled (hydrostatic); P — Push; V or T – self-propelled, gear and belt drive
• Second letter: X – Blade brake clutch; D — Zone start/Flywheel brake; M – electric starter, blade brake clutch

Once you have located your series and unit number go to Honda Lawn Mower Parts Lookup to order your part. This site has easy to follow diagrams to examine and look up parts. These same diagrams will be in your manual. Honda lawnmowers are built for longevity so it’s imperative to know where the manual is at all times.

Ordering Parts:

Honda Lawn Parts
provides an easy to navigate site for finding the parts that you need. If you’re familiar with your lawnmower, do a Quick Part Search. Otherwise, use ‘Find Parts by Model.’ Enter detailed information and the site will locate what you’re looking for.

Honda Lawn Parts carries OEM engine parts that can be reviewed and searched easily. The website had a very easy to navigate parts diagram lookup tool. Whether you are searching for parts for a residential or commercial mower, 
Honda Lawn Parts will be able help you in your search.

Not only does www.hondalawnparts.com provide engine parts for quick repair, they also carry regular maintenance items such as: mower blades, oil filters, air filters and spark plugs for all models. Because of the detailed nature of the diagrams, you can be assured that the part that you order will be compatible with the lawnmower that you own. There are also a wide range of Honda equipment accessories available for purchase.

With HondaLawnParts.com, finding replacement parts for Honda lawn mowers has become as easy as a click of the mouse. Locating, selecting, ordering and shipping a lawnmower part has never been easier

 HR21    PXA    JPN    GV150    DXA    HR21    1000001    1051093    GV150    2013842    2090532    149520E1-AH  
 HR21    SDA    JPN    GV150    DA    HR21    1000001    1051093    GV150    2013842    2090532    149520E1-AH  
 HR21    SXA    JPN    GV150    DXA    HR21    1000001    1051093    GV150    2013842    2090532    149520E1-AH  
 HR214    PXA    JPN    GXV120    PA    HR214    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    PXA#1    USA    GXV120    PA    HR214    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6000001    6235980    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    PXA#2    USA    GXV120 (AH-KD)    PA#    HR214    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SMA    JPN    GXV120    SFS    HR214    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SMA#1    USA    GXV120    SFS    HR214    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6000001    6235980    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SMA#2    USA    GXV120 (AH-KD)    SFS#    HR214    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SXA    JPN    GXV120    SA    HR214    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SXA#1    USA    GXV120    SA    HR214    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6000001    6235980    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR214    SXA#2    USA    GXV120 (AH-KD)    SA#    HR214    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    GXV120    6235981    SUBSEQUENT    14VA40E2-AH  
 HR21-5    SDA    JPN    GV200    N6B    HR21-5    1019070    SUBSEQUENT    GV200    1030581    SUBSEQUENT    149600E1-AH  
 HR21-5    SDAM    JPN    GV200    N6B    HR21-5    1019070    SUBSEQUENT    GV200    1030581    SUBSEQUENT    149600E1-AH  
 HR215    HMA    USA    GXV140    SFS    MZAM    6000001    6200000    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215    HXA    USA    GXV140    GD5    MZAM    6000001    6200000    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215    PXA    USA    GXV140    PA    MZAM    6000001    6200000    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215    SMA    USA    GXV140    GD3    MZAM    6000001    6200000    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215    SXA    USA    GXV140    SA    MZAM    6000001    6200000    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215K1    HMA    USA    GXV140    MA8    MZAM    6200001    SUBSEQUENT    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215K1    HXA    USA    GXV140    MA7    MZAM    6200001    SUBSEQUENT    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR215K1    SXA    USA    GXV140    MA4    MZAM    6200001    SUBSEQUENT    GJAB    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VA30E4-AH  
 HR216    SXA    JPN    GXV160    S    MACR    1000001    3000000    GJ03    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VB30E2-AH  
 HR216    SXA#    USA    GXV160    S    MACR    6000001    SUBSEQUENT    GJ03    1000001    SUBSEQUENT    14VB30E2-AH  
 HR21K1    PDA    JPN    GV150K1    DA    HR21K1    1100004    1127597    GV150    3000005    3029130    149520E1-AH  
 HR21K1    PXA    JPN    GV150K1    DXA    HR21K1    1100004    1127597    GV150    3000005    3029130    149520E1-AH  
 HR21K1    SDA    JPN    GV150K1    DA    HR21K1    1100004    1127597    GV150    3000005    3029130    149520E1-AH  
 HR21K1    SXA    JPN    GV150K1    DXA    HR21K1    1100004    1127597    GV150    3000005    3029130    149520E1-AH  
 HR21K2    PDAM    JPN    GV150K1    DA    HR21K2    1200141    SUBSEQUENT    GV150    3000396    SUBSEQUENT    149600E1-AH  
 HR21K2    SXA    JPN    GV150K1    DXA    HR21K2    1200141    SUBSEQUENT    GV150    3065469    SUBSEQUENT    149600E1-AH  
 HR21K2    SXAM    JPN    GV150K1    DXA    HR21K2    1200141    SUBSEQUENT    GV150    3065469    SUBSEQUENT    149600E1-AH  

Honda HR21 / HR214 / HR215 / HR216 Lawn Mower Parts Look Up Diagrams
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