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Honda HS1132TA / HS1132TAS Parts Look Up Diagrams
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Honda HS1132 Snowblower

When researching for a powerful, dependable, heavy-duty piece of equipment to withstand heavy ice and snow clearing needs for many winter seasons, the HS1132 snowblower is the ideal choice. Available in two models, it’s equipped with a powerful GX340K1 engine, delivering 11 horsepower. For various snow conditions, users can choose their speed with the hydrostatic drivetrain that can clear up to 65 tons per hour. The heavy-duty, serrated augers can cut through even the thickest ice. The model features a clearing width of 31.9” and a clearing height of 20.1”. With a 55.8’ snow throwing distance, and a 2.2 hour continuous operating time, the HS1132 will successfully handle any snow clearing needs with ease.

The HS1132 is built to provide optimum performance and durability; however, continued use will eventually cause wear and tear on the Honda Snowblower.  Honda understands the importance of finding solutions when projects get put on hold because of required maintenance or needed replacement parts.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When purchasing replacement parts, the Honda Snowblower owner is faced with a decision to purchase either Honda original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. OEM parts in some cases are more expensive, but are higher quality parts that are built based on the equipment's specifications. Honda equipment is designed and certified according to EPA and California emission regulations. OEM parts are manufactured to the same standards as the original parts that were included in the original equipment, which ensures quality, durability and compatibility. Using an aftermarket part can impair the performance of the snowblower’s emission control system. Generally less expensive, aftermarket parts are lower quality parts that are not built to Honda’s exact specifications. There are many different aftermarket part brands to choose from, as opposed to only one OEM part.

Honda recommends purchasing OEM parts only. As previously mentioned, these parts are guaranteed to be compatible and are manufactured to Honda’s exact standards. The initial investment is worth it over the long haul.

Preparing to Order

Hondalawnparts.com has a user-friendly interface when searching for replacement parts. The serial number and model number identify important specifications and features for the equipment. This information is located directly on the outer surface of the Honda snowblower. The owner’s manual provides diagrams with this information.

Important specifications are indicated by the model number. The “HS” is an abbreviation for “Honda Snowblower”. The “11” indicates the 11 horsepower. The “32” indicates the nearly 32 inch clearing width. The “T” indicates track drive. The “A” indicates American market production, and the “S” indicates an electric start.

The frame serial number indicates the different versions of each model. This number can be found directly on the snowblower and the owner’s manual provides instructions on where to locate it.

For any issues locating model information, please see the owner’s manual.


High quality OEM parts are available for any maintenance need at
Honda Lawn Parts . Use the parts ordering tool online at www.hondalawnparts.com. This user-friendly tool enables the user to select from three simple methods to order the replacement part: 1) the parts diagram that gives users an illustrative diagram to illustrate the part needed; 2) the Quick Parts Search that allows the user to search for the exact part number needed; and 3) the Find Parts by Model feature. Each method is user-friendly and guarantees they will be able to find the appropriate replacement part for their machine. 

Honda Lawn Parts offers OEM parts for various assemblies, like the auger, carburetor, drive pulley, and recoil starter, to name a few. Accessories are also available for purchase. Hondalawnparts.com provides outstanding customer service and expertise on all Honda Outdoor Power Equipment.