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Tuning up your Honda lawnmower is something that every owner should do, whether you have the HRC7013, the HRC7018, the HRC7020 or the HRC7113. This allows you to see if you are missing any essential parts or need to replace any due to damage or simply being worn out. Follow this outline to give your Honda mower a tune up and see if you may need to replace some parts with Honda Lawn Parts.

Know the Parts

If you need to replace the parts of your mower, it is important to know what it is you need in the first place. 

Example HRC7113 Parts:
  • Spark plug, manufacturer #98079-55846
  • Oil filter, manufacturer #15400-PLM-A01PE
  • Clamp, manufacturer #95002-02080
  • Rocker pivot assembly, manufacturer #14431-ZE2-010
  • Wing nut, manufacturer #90325-044-000
  • Starter assembly, manufacturer #28400-ZE3-W02ZP
Example HRC7013 Parts:
  • Exhaust pipe gasket, manufacturer #18333-ZK6-Y0
  • Pin, manufacturer #94251-08000
  • Rewind spring, manufacturer #28442-ZE2-W01
  • Oil seal, manufacturer #91201-ZE3-004
  • Piston rings, manufacturer #13010-ZF6-003
Example HRC7020 Parts:
  • Nut, manufacturer #90114-SA0-000
  • Flange nut, manufacturer #94050-06000
  • Flange bolt, manufacturer #95701-06008-00
  • Flywheel fan, manufacturer #19511-ZJ1-000
  • O-ring, manufacturer #91301-ZE9-003
Example HRC7018 Parts:
  • Spring, manufacturer #28443-ZE2-W01

Inspect the Parts

Once you have thoroughly washed your mower, check to see what is broken or worn. These must be replaced right away using spare parts from www.hondalawnparts.com. Double-check the blades to see if they move any more than an eighth of an inch, meaning they may be too worn to keep using. Replace the guides that may be missing. If possible, sharpen your blades after unscrewing the nut or blade bolt. Consider using gloves after sharpening the blade and attempting to put the blades back into their position. Belts should also be replaced after four seasons or appear worn.

Make Other Adjustments

To ensure that nothing on your mower goes wrong too soon, make sure you follow the steps in your manual to properly lubricate the mower and check the air pressure. You will not have a good cut when you have low tire pressure, and your manual will tell you the specs as well. Next, make sure you check the oil level. With a good level, you will want it to warm up so you can drain it and change it more easily.

Standard Replacements

The lawn mower has a small engine, and fuel filters are required to make it run efficiently. The first thing you will want to do is replace this filter. Start by clamping off the fuel line between the filter and the tank, and then loosen the clamps to make it easy to pull the filter from the hose. Remember to watch out for any gasoline that could spill from this process. It is also wise to replace the hose between the carburetor and the filter. It is possible for the barbs on the fuel filter to tear the hose during replacement. If a piece of loose hose gets into the carb, then there will be problems. Either clean or replace the air filters, which are responsible for proper air flow to the carb. Avoid high pressure air compressors since this will lead to small holes within the filter. Spark plugs are next on your list; by replacing these, you will always have an easy time starting the power. If you cannot easily reach the spark plug, then you can use a piece of fuel line to hold it down. Turn the hose so that the plug tightens in its position. Do not worry about turning the spark plug too tightly; you should always thread it as far as it can possibly go, and then torque the plug. Finally, you will want to check out the battery since it also needs service. Replace the battery if the case appears to be bulged. Measure the voltage and replace it if it is under nine volts. Inspect the terminals to ensure that they are both tight and clean, and replace them now if they are not. Place water in the battery to the full mark and then charge it to get it to the right point.

Final Inspection

At the end of the day, you just need to make sure you check and shake things as you inspect the entire mower. This helps you figure out what is missing or loose. make sure the wheels are fine, check the ball joints for wear, and determine if any bolts are missing or loose. No matter what you find yourself needing to replace due to damage or wear, you can always find the Honda mower parts you are looking for thanks to www.hondalawnparts.com: any model, any part, any time.