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The Honda HRN Series of lawn mowers is an all-new, innovative model lineup that replaces the popular Honda HRR Series. Featuring four major areas of innovation – rugged durability, ease of use and operation, improved serviceability, and more power – the new HRN lawn mower makes the task of grooming grass more productive and even more enjoyable for lawn care enthusiasts. The Honda HRN Series offers a powerful new Honda GCV170 engine and added features that that optimize grass cutting while streamlining operation and maintenance. 

● The all-new Honda HRN216 Series of lawn mowers has been designed from the ground up, replacing the popular HRR Series, enhancing the experience of lawn mowing with more power, rugged design, ease of operation, and streamlined maintenance.

● The new HRN lawn mowers deliver nine percent more power and 18 percent more torque than the HRR models, allowing the user to power through thick, heavy grass and enjoy a smooth, even cut.

● The Honda HRN Series is powered by the all-new Honda GCV170 engine that delivers improved customer benefits in power and torque output, maintenance, and usability through a larger fuel tank spout, easier oil changes, and reliable, dependable starting and re-starting.

 Honda HRN Walk Behind Lawn Mower Parts

Four new Honda HRN216 models

HRN216PKA, HRN216VKA, HRN216VLA and the HRN216VYA

offer a range of options and consumer choices.