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Honda HS520 Snow Thrower Parts

Honda HS520

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Honda HS520 Snowblower 

Equipped with a Honda GC160 engine that delivers five horsepower at 3,600 rpm, the HS520 snowblower has a clearing width of 20 inches and a clearing height of 12 inches. It also has a 49.5” x 20.7” x 40.4” frame and a continuous operating time of 1.6 hours. The maximum snow throwing distance is 26 feet, and the clearing capacity is 55 tons per hour. The HS520A model has a dry weight of 82 pounds and is equipped with a recoil starter. The HS520AS has a dry weight of 88 pounds and offers an electric starter. 

Despite being built for durability and prime performance, the HS520 snowblower will experience normal wear and tear that will eventually require maintenance. When searching for parts, homeowners and professionals should be able to find them quickly and easily.

The Parts Battle: OEM vs. Aftermarket

There are two types of parts to choose between when ordering a replacement part – original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket. To make an informed decision, research the differences between OEM and aftermarket parts.

OEM Parts 

• Higher quality
• Produced according to your exact equipment specifications
• Produced according to EPA and California emissions regulations
• Sometimes more costly
• Include a warranty

Aftermarket Parts

• Lower quality
• Could impair the performance of the emission control system
• Many part brands to choose from
• Sometimes cheaper
• Do not include a warranty 

Because of their higher quality, proper fit for the equipment specifications, and warranty, OEM parts are a better long term value. Honda recommends using OEM parts for your HS520 snowblower. 

Model Information

There are two pieces of information needed when ordering replacement parts: the model number and the serial number. These tags are generally located on the backside of the frame or lower handle.

The following specifications are indicated by the HS520A and HS520AS model numbers. The “HS” simply stands for “Honda Snowblower”. The “5” refers to its 5 horsepower. The “20” indicates the 20 inch clearing width. The “A” stands for production for the American market, and the “S” means it’s an electric start. 

If the model or serial identification number is difficult to locate, consult the owner’s manual or contact 
www.hondalawnparts.com .

Placing Your Order 

Honda Lawn Parts provides high quality 
OEM parts for all your maintenance needs. The online parts ordering tool makes it easy to browse through several snowblower assemblies like the auger, camshaft, carburetor, drive pulley, and many others. Plenty of accessories are also available for purchase. 

Visit www.hondalawnparts.com, and use the 
online parts ordering tool . Users can find parts by illustrated diagrams, or use the “Quick Parts Search” or “Find Parts by Model” features.

Order your part from Honda Lawn Parts and you will have your part delivered to you in no time. Before you know it, your snowblower will be up and running again.

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